Graphic Tips for Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are not only fun and exciting, but they’re an essential part of your business’ marketing and advertising strategy. They’re an outstanding way to get your name out there and make contact with potential new clients. They can also be frustrating and competitive. After all, you’re in a large space, surrounded by potential customers but also competing businesses, all trying to get their name out as well.

You need a way to stand out, and the right graphics can be a big part of that. Check out these great graphic tips for a trade show exhibit, which will be sure to get you recognized and bring in new customers for your services.

Graphic Tips for a Trade Show Exhibit

Basic graphic tips for a trade show exhibit focus on consistency and placement. It’s vital to make sure that your display design is easily visible and consistent throughout your entire booth. If you update your logo, update it consistently. Hanging banners can raise your logo where everyone can see it, and lighting is crucial.

Logo and Branding

Make sure that your logo and brand are not only consistent but also highly visible. They should be at the very top of your display as to be the first thing that people see. A tagline or company message can then go right below. This will convey your message and who you are right from the start.

Banner Design

When you design your banner, use best practices to make sure that it’s not only visible, but attractive to the eye. Even more than visibility, it needs to draw people into your booth. Keep your images large and in high resolution. Avoid too much text on your banner display, and stay away from busy designs and fonts. Above all, you want your banner to be bright, clear and readable, with a straightforward and attractive design.

Fonts and Text

This has been said time and again, but it cannot be overstated: do not use Comic Sans. You might think it’s cute, but the world doesn’t. Instead, keep your font type clear and easily readable, and avoid any distracting embellishments. If someone has to squint to read your font at 30 yards, it’s probably too fancy or busy. If you do need to add text to your banner or display, use sharp bullet points.

Engage and Draw

Remember: you have 3 seconds to engage and draw in a client. After that, you’ve lost them. That means you need a simple and straightforward design that’s dynamic and incites curiosity. There needs to be a focal point, and there needs to be a very clear and succinct message about who you are.

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