How to Get the Most out of Your Exhibiting Experience

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to hundreds of trade shows over the course of your career, or you’re brand new to the experience, there’s a very slim margin of error to get the best experience. A single mistake can turn a trade show from a profitable marketing experience to a costly loss in time and effort.

Doing things right allows you to have a great experience which will turn potentially hundreds of new leads into regular customers, while making mistakes can turn your investment into a profit loss very quickly. Learn some quick trade show booth tips to help you get the most out of your exhibiting experience, maximize your return on investment, and make it worthwhile.

Trade Show Booth Tips

The most important trade show booth tips to follow involve choosing the right space, engaging in proper staffing, staying laser focused on your goal, having plenty of giveaways, and using the perfect booth design. The end goal is to turn your presence not just into an appearance, but into a true experience for everyone that visits your booth.

Choose the Right Space

You want the right booth space to ensure maximum exposure. You’re looking for a space near the front of the exhibit hall, where everyone who walks through the door is going to see your booth right away. Sign up early, and try to book the most prime spot possible. Barring front booths, go for corner booths with easy access and traffic flow.

Have the Right Staff

Too many people bring in administrative staff that don’t really know their product lines, on the reasoning that more knowledgeable staff can keep working at the company during the show. This is a mistake. You want team members who have the best personalities, a very high level of expertise, and who is outstanding at engaging new people. Choose those that are eager to participate; don’t force unenthusiastic staff to attend.

Stay Laser-Focused

When you build your booth, don’t overload it with accessories like tables, chairs, banners and posters. Whatever it is you’re featuring, stay laser-focused on that aspect of your booth. The more you diversify, the less clear your purpose is going to be. While some options are good, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors.

Have Plenty of Giveaways

Swag is key. Everyone at a trade show is looking for free stuff. Don’t just give anything away, though. Everyone’s giving away pens, koozies and keychains. Consider something that’s both useful and attractive with your logo—like bottled water. People will line up just for the free drink!

Use the Perfect Booth Design

Finally, be sure you maximize your booth design. You want it to be properly lit, with comfortable flooring, easy traffic, and an attractive and consistent means of highlighting your brand, business, and company culture. The more of an experience you create, the more effective your show will be.

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