Five Fun Things to Do at a Tradeshow

Tradeshows don’t have to be boring. In fact, tradeshows shouldn’t be boring. If you’re the one standing in the booth, you should be making the experience engaging, for both your co-workers and the tradeshow attendees. There are different ways for an exhibit to do this, some exhibits may have an led screen for attendees to have fun with, others might have games and flashmobs. Here are just a few ways of creating a fun and exciting atmosphere on the show floor:

1. Every year, there is a popular color for exhibit booths. Make bets with your co-workers on which color will be seen the most at this year’s show. The loser has to buy drinks!

2. Wander around the show floor. Count how many booths you walk by before someone initiates you in a conversation.

3. Pick up swag from neighboring booths and try to give it back to other exhibitors.

4. Have a sing-a-long or flash mob at your booth randomly. You’d have to choreograph and coordinate it with other booth staff, but it would definitely draw attention to your exhibit!

5. Get off of the show floor! Find something fun and entertaining outside of the tradeshow that will give you and the rest of the team a break from working.

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