Expo Errors: Things to Avoid while Exhibiting

Trade shows can be a hectic and chaotic time for people that don’t have the experience and knowledge of how to make an impact while exhibiting their brand. Without the proper tools, you could be wasting away a weekend that could have provided your company with new clients and major sales. Here are some suggestions for things to stay away from while running your booth. With these tips, you will go into any trade show feeling confident and ready for anything that could happen while exhibiting.

Never “Close Off” Your Booth With a Table

A common trade show mistake is putting a table at the front of your booth. By setting up a table or chairs, you are blocking the entrance to your booth, closing out attendees before they even see what you have to offer. Instead of a table, opt for an interactive display that provides a reason for people to visit your exhibit. You can also leave your booth open, clearing space for any interactions with perspective clients.

Don’t Hand Out Goodie Bags

While it may seem like a great idea to offer loads of giveaways, it can actually hurt your brand. By hiding your product inside of a bag, you are taking away the chance that a passerby could see your brand name and find your booth. Keep your product in the hands of show attendees to gain the maximum amount of exposure to your product. Unless your name is on the bag, make sure your giveaways are out in the open.

Pay Attention to Posture

Trade shows are extremely personal, with many people basing their engagement with booths entirely on how welcome they feel. Be aware of how you appear to the rest of the show, and make a good first impression on potential clients. Don’t sit in a chair, which can obstruct people from seeing you. Keep your arms unfolded, and maintain a happy and relaxed posture. Smile as much as possible, but make sure the vibe you produce is genuine and sincere. A smile goes a long way, so keep that grin on your face until the end of the show.

With these helpful tips, you will know what to avoid while trying to promote your brand at a trade show. If you are looking for a custom trade show booth, make sure to contact Xibit Solutions at (702) 361-7502.