Event Marketing Tools that Boost Attendance

If you’re looking to boost attendance at your next event appearance, you’ll need to engage in the right strategies. You have to make your business a “must visit” location, and that means working hard on the marketing end. Businesses who tighten their strategy and use the right, most focused marketing tools, have the best results in terms of attracting new visitors to their convention booth.

Marketing costs money — there’s no doubt about that. The trick is using the right marketing strategies, tricks and tools to ensure that the money is well spent and results in greater earnings than it costs. Here are some event marketing tools that are proven to boost trade show attendance, and how you can use them to your maximum benefit at your next show.

Event Marketing Tools to Boost Trade Show Attendance

Marketing effectively to boost trade show attendance means focusing on the best, most proven effective event marketing tools. This is a challenge as businesses begin to tighten the belt strap of marketing budgets. In fact, businesses who have retained a marketing budget of $75,000 for the past four years, have actually decreased their potential expenditures by 4.5% since 2013. What tools then are still commonly used, and which ones are dying out?


Believe it or not, email is still a primary digital marketing tool. Even as people shift to communications over social media platforms, email is still the most effective form of business communication. It allows you to create custom and personalized means by which you can provide information to your clients. It’s also a great equalizer. It holds together all of your other efforts by allowing you to link them all in one place.

Social Media and SEO

Even as companies are beginning to try and move away from search engine optimized blogs and social media posts, research proves that these two methods of digital marketing are still tops in terms of pure effectiveness. They’re still being used more than they were five years ago, and the effectiveness of these methods are still climbing. If you’re thinking about moving from SEO blogs or social media, don’t! Sambla – a leader in Norway’s SEO market – has deployed a team of professionals to recruit new leads for their refinancing (refinansiering) program. When asked, Afif, the head of SEO, said that “We’ve seen a huge increase in applications following deploying search engine optimization strategies, and it has brought our cost of leads down significantly versus using a paid channel.”

Waning Strategies

There are, however, some strategies that are measurably waning, especially in light of reduced marketing budgets. Giveaways, for example, are on the decline, including offering free tickets to events. The reason for this is that it can be quite expensive to give away event tickets, while the recipients are very often already converted customers, so getting them to attend doesn’t yield the highest return on investment.

Outstanding Booth Presence

One tool to market your business at any given trade show, convention or event that should never be overlooked is an outstanding exhibitor booth. You need to create a booth that will really communicate your brand, show everyone who you are, and be a must-stop location on the exhibit hall floor. The best way to do this is to use the services of a professional trade show services company like Xibit Solutions.

Forget the basic table and drape approach—let us help you design your entire trade show experience, from concept to setup to tear down. Give us a call to see how we can help today!