Professional Convention Stands

custom convention stands

See for yourself! Just look what Xibit Solutions could accomplish for your business with a custom convention stand. If you have something to share with the world, your services, a product, maybe even an idea, don’t hesitate.

Trade Show Facts:

  • For the 17th year in a row, Las Vegas was named the number 1 Trade Show Destination by the TSNN (Trade Show News Network).
  • Las Vegas hosted 60 of the 250 trade shows, Orlando and Chicago, following behind ranking in 2nd and 3rd, with a combined number of trade shows only equaled to 47 total shows.

The Best Designs for Your Convention Stand, Exhibit, or Booth:

  • The design of your booth will set the mood for your product
  • These designs don’t only include visual design, but music plays a huge role in creating a specific environment as well
  • Many talented convention booth architects, like Xibit Solutions, can provide you with in-house designs and ideas to help create the most elaborate and amazing convention stands.

With a unique and original convention stand, you can more easily grab the attention of potential customers and buyers. Your convention design is very important and great detail and attention should be put into its construction, so be sure to hire the most talented convention booth architects.

Get a custom convention stand that is sure to impress your audience! Contact Xibit Solutions today and request an estimate.