Incredible Convention Displays

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Marketing and Advertising in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

Today’s ideas behind effective advertising and marketing are a bit different from how it was only a few decades ago. Back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s or what we will refer to here as the “good ol days,’ companies made their products known was through catchy jingles and slogans played on the radio. Companies assembled teams of talented artists to create slogans that would etch their specific company name or slogan into minds of the public. When the 60’s and 70’s rolled through, companies began to market their products using highly detailed descriptions of their products as seen in the old IBM and Apple computer ads along with subliminal marketing.

When the television was introduced, about 30 years later is when companies began using subliminal marketing, flashing pictures of things like popcorn on movie theater screens. As such, businesses who are looking to promote their product or service through marketing may decide to contact a tv advertising agency to help their business be broadcast on the big screen. At about the same time, convention shows and exhibits were introduced and started gaining popularity.

Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century

Today’s marketing and advertising methods are all based off of the strategies of the good ol’ days. However, nowadays, slogans and jingles are becoming more in-your-face, witty and sometimes a bit ridiculous. It is as though, companies are doing anything they can for you to simply know their name. However, when it comes to advertising through convention shows and exhibits, the consumers of today take those shows very seriously. Even though huge convention shows like CES began in the late 1960’s (June 1967 to be exact) the growing popularity of conventions today have altered the way companies advertise their latest products.

Convention exhibits are like stage shows introducing their products with an almost performance arts flair. Exhibit and Booth construction companies are talented in designing and building the most audience capturing Convention Displays exhibitors have ever seen. In a very recent CES show, the Samsung Company mounted approximately 30 big screen televisions that towered over three stories in order to grab the attention of potential consumers and clients.