5 Ways To Add Multimedia To Your Booth

Adding multimedia to your booth is easy. Getting attendees to engage in your multimedia experience is the hard part. Sure, you can throw up a couple of flat screen TVs, but creating a static environment isn’t going to help you generate leads on the show floor. Here are a few ways to incorporate an interactive, multimedia element to your booth.

1. iPads

Although this isn’t a new tactic by any means, adding iPads to your trade show booth will help draw visitors in. The difference between using an iPad at home and seeing one on the show floor is the way the technology is used. In order to make the most of this experience, incorporate a unique experience on the iPads (something that users will remember after leaving your booth.) Don’t just open an app and let them sit, or you’ll be doing what every iPad owner already does.
iPad 3G and iPad Wi-Fi

photo by Yutaka Tsutano

2. Touchscreens

If you can incorporate a touchscreen larger than an iPad into your booth, then you should. Touchscreens, although not new, are always a popular technology choice at trade shows. And because of their many uses, touch screens can be used in a thousand different ways. Use a touch screen to create a game. Use a touch screen to display kinetic information. Use a touch screen to help demonstrate a product… You get the idea.

3. Games

Big games. Video games. Interactive, alternate/virtual reality games. If attendees see something they can genuinely jump in and experience, you’ll have a line around the show floor of people who want a demonstration.
Video game station

photo by niallkennedy

4. Simulators

Along with interactive games, simulators let attendees jump in and experience the action first-hand. Incorporating a simulator into your booth can be as easy as setting up an X-Box Kinect and letting your visitors practice their dance moves with Dance Central. Or creating a custom first-person informational guide about what your company does…

 5. Educational Sessions

If you do plan on having just a flat screen at your booth, you should sign up to host a session. Attendees will make time for an educational session that they think is important, so choose a popular topic that relates to your company. You can use the flat screen to display infographics, show videos and visit websites that are important to your overall message.

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