A Banner Idea: 4 Tips for an Effective Trade Show Banner

pet expo sign

photo credit: jmcarthy99 via photopin cc

Visibility at any trade show depends on a great banner. Use these four simple tips to design a trade show booth sign that stands out.

1. Brighten Up

You want your sign to be eye catching. Color combinations like red lettering on a yellow background are quite useful. It is important that the colors contrast enough to make your lettering noticeable from afar.

2. Keep It Simple

Stick to just one or two lines of text at the most. The more cluttered the sign, the harder it will be to read from across the exhibition hall.

3. Match Your Other Materials

It is also important that the colors on your sign match your booth and other promotional items. When you present a mismatched appearance, you seem disorganized and unprofessional.

4. Stick To The Center

The human eye has a habit of looking at the center of things first, so you want to put the most important information in the center of your sign. Save this space for your logo or company name.

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