5 Tips To Make Your Trade Show Booth Display An Effective Marketing Tool

Trade shows are an excellent way to reach consumers, increase brand recognition and push your marketing message. The display elements you chose for your exhibit can either set your apart, or group you with competitors. With careful consideration of your display, your company’s message can reach consumers more efficiently. The product your selling should already have a steady online presence, and if it doesn’t, perhaps you should get in touch with Flow20 online marketing to see how they can help you. You need your product to be visible online so that when potential buyers leave the trade show, they have somewhere to go if they want to learn more. Even if your stall in the trade show is the best, if you’re not going to make yourself easily accessible after the show, then you’re not going to generate new sales from new customers. Here are six tips to make your trade show displays work for you.

1. Research and planning

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Planning ensures success

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This step is crucial to running a smooth operation. Without a solid plan, it is much more difficult to adapt if issues arise. Be sure to research the venue, different structures as well as graphic display elements. Check out trade shows prior to your own to get ideas on what works. Having a plan on where specific display elements will be located will ensure maximum exposure.

2. Messaging is key

Figure out what you want to say to consumers before the show. Use all display elements to express the one message you want to get across. Having several messages confuses the customer and will render your display forgettable. Using a consistent message across all marketing efforts will ensure you are memorable as well as well prepared. The best displays contain high quality graphics and simple messages to draw people in.

3. Pick quality people to man your exhibit

This is crucial to making sure your exhibit is a success. You could spend all the time and money in the world on your exhibit displays, but if you don’t have the right people working in your booth the whole operation will be pointless. What good are high quality graphics if the person working can’t answer consumer questions? The ideal person to work your booth will be highly knowledgeable about all aspect of the business and product as well as comfortable talking to people and doing impromptu presentations.

4. Use display elements as tools to measure success

It is always important to establish a way to measure results when implementing a marketing strategy. Speaking with a firm like Epsilon beforehand can help you come up with a strategy ahead of time. This is how you will learn what works for you and how many people your message is reaching. Display elements such as door giveaways, email sign up lists, business card drawings, samples or giveaways are great ways to get people in and measure your results. You could even go avant-garde with it and get something wacky and eccentric, like some giant inflatable cars funneling people to your exhibit. It’ll draw the crowds, and depending on your business could be a great way to lighten the mood at the event itself.

5. Experiment with different display elements

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Trade show displays

Whether you are just starting out in trade shows or a seasoned professional, shows and display elements are constantly changing. What works for certain trade show booth displays might not be efficient for others. This is why it is important to stay open and up to date on trade show trends. Also, don’t be afraid to check out competitors to see what is working for them

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