It is perfectly normal to be overwhelmed by amount of coordination that goes into preparing for trade shows or marketing events – whether it is your first time or your fiftieth! Here are some tips to make your next trade show a success.

1. Be Prepared
You’ll want to have your marketing well underway before the trade show begins by utilizing proper pre-show promotion. Have a trade show display designed that captivates the attendees’ attention so that they feel compelled to make a stop. Also, train the booth staff to bring people in – and make sure they try to make meaningful connections with as many people as they can! There will likely be many exhibition booths present, so do your best to have a strategy to make your booth stand out from the crowd.

2. Have a Clear Purpose
Before packing up for your next trade show, think about what you would like to achieve (and be as specific as possible!). One way to do this is to figure out how you’ll measure the ROI for the event and set a specific goal that you would like to meet. Don’t just go and hope for the best – only you can decide whether or not your time at the trade show was worth it!

3. Follow-through
Have a lead management plan ready to go the moment the trade show begins. Make sure to follow up with prospects in a timely manner, which means as soon as possible after the show ends! The quicker you are, the more likely you are to make the sale.
With these tips in mind, your next trade show experience or marketing event will certainly be more successful than your last!

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